Veronica Maximova

Image of Veronica Maximova

Veronica Maximova is a Berlin-based producer of cutting-edge electronic pop. Her work is often concerned with the ephemeral nature of human attachment, combining the discipline of a studied classical piano player with the production work of a self-taught experimentalist.

Maximova’s sound is grandiose and adventurous, befitting the restless soul of someone who has willingly uprooted their life multiple times; become a permanent émigré, a runaway bride and a new mother. Her songs are infused with an intense passion found only in those artists who are forced for the sake of their spiritual survival to create an alternate world to lose themselves in. A practiced multi-linguist, with a Master’s degree in German and Russian translation and communication, Maximova’s work is delivered with a rare fluency.

Her lyrics have a diaristic quality, delivered with a sense of clarity not often heard in the work of artists who are similarly boundary-pushing in their sonics. Upon moving to Berlin in 2014, Maximova spent several years performing under the name Rave Icon, before reverting to her birth name in 2018. The following year, a chance encounter at Club der Visionäre with the heads of Voitax Records led to them issuing her first vinyl release “Computerlove”. Inspired in part by Spike Jonze’s “Her”, “Computerlove” explored a quintessential modern paradox, in which we find ourselves more connected than ever technologically, yet plagued by a persistent and ineffable loneliness. The record received coverage and praise from, among others, XLR8R and Resident Advisor.

In the spring of 2022; three years, a pandemic, and a baby later, she released the “Ordinary Forever” EP on Sony imprint AWAL. “Ordinary Forever” highlight “Shame On You” features a mix by Lee Avant, who also counts FKA Twigs among his clientele. Maximova is also a noted collaborator, most recently with Brighton-based producer  L/F/D/M, with whom she recorded “Obsolete Vernacular” for the “Mothership” compilation assembled by Midnight Shift and Voitax.