Image of cadeu

[ kɒˈdə woo ] (b. Konstantin Kazhev) is a Berlin-based electronic music producer and sound designer who has been blending riveting club experiments for the past decade. He started out in the mid 2010s with a bunch of self-released EPs before getting noticed by Hyperboloid Records for a sequence of albums.

cadeu’s production style is a reflection of his diverse influences: from the 90s rave culture to jungle to pop to idm to ambient and electro-acoustic pieces. Besides writing his own music and producing for other acts such as spellsinmyhead, Mental Kino, Veronica Maximova, he is often commissioned to contribute sound design for short films and commercials. Unconventional sound design techniques and vividly intricate textures is what makes cadeu’s work almost tangible.

An alumnus of University of Arts in Berlin, he often pairs his music with academic research. 2017’s album de was described by The Village as “Processed voices, reduced dynamics of the dance music in favor of the new found sound, – the result is intriguing post-dance music”. Late 2018’s un employed a format of composition as a narrative and experimentation tool. 2022’s EX became cadeu’s playground to explore the idea of using language and its raw sonic identity as an artistic tool in the realm of club music.

Past events

100623BerlinACUD MACHT NEUAVAV collective showcase: 2nd edition
290919BerlinOhmHyperboloid Records Night
250119BerlinUrban SpreeHyperboloid Records Night